How to get started

With Digital Planners from THE DAILY PLANNERS

Are you wondering how to get started? I will explain everything below, so don't worry 🙂
Just watch the tutorial videos below and you'll be a pro in no-time!


GoodNotes5 app (iOS/MacOs)

The planners from The Daily Planners® shop are created to be used on an iPad on the app GoodNotes5. The digital planners will work on any device that allows you to download the GoodNotes5 app (iOS & MacOS), but just keep in mind that it's not possible to write on a Mac with an Apple Pencil or stylus pen.

As all digital planners from The Daily Planners® are specifically designed to use in the GoodNotes5 app (only available on iOS and macOS) I cannot guarantee the planners will work as good in other apps.

The digital planners are not tested on Android or other operating systems and that’s why I’ve made a FREE demo planner available on the Freebie Club. You can sign in on for free and try out if it works on your device/app. If the clickable tabs work in the free planner on your device (I’ve heard Xodo might work), then all digital planners from the shop will work.

* Tip: The GoodNotes app can synchronize with other iOs or MacOs devices so you'll be able to open your planner on your iPhone too. Writing on a phone with a stylus doesn't work that well for me, but it might for you 🙂 I use the planner on my phone to check my schedule only, I do all the writing etc. on my iPad.

Apple Pencil or Stylus pen

I recommend writing in this planner using an Apple Pencil or other stylus that’s compatible with your device. You can use another stylus if it's compatible with your device. The Apple Pencil has my personal preference.

Make sure to check the compatibility before buying an Apple Pencil!

It's possible to just type in the planner documents too, or use your fingers to draw on the digital planners.

Please watch the YouTube tutorial videos to follow along with me. From purchasing (or downloading the free demo) to tips on how to write/draw in your digital planner & add stickers!

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